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Updated: Apr 12

Luna means Moon in Spanish, I am part jackrabbit, part witch, tattooed, feminist, punk rocker, mom, wife, daughter and sister, rebel, dreamer.

My name is Carolina and I am the owner and designer at The Luna Collective Inclusive.

I am a fashion designer by trade and have 20+ years experience in retail and customer service.

I make things that I wished existed, material things yes, but also try to carry my life and actions the same way.

Technically I am a fashion designer, graduated with top grades from Paulina Diard Haute Couture Academy in Santiago, Chile, but not limited to, I do make all sorts of things, from clothing to home décor and accessories. I create, design and hand make every piece that comes out of my shop.

Although the main purpose of creating this project was to “up-cycle” clothing to prevent it to be thrown away, I have expanded into making custom embroidered items like home décor (kitchen towels, hand or bath towels), pet bandannas, reusable bags/totes etc.

Always inspired by my son Sebastian and an effort to leave a better world for him and all children, my work is sustainable, responsibly and ethically made in Ontario, Canada.

I recycle, reuse and re-purpose basically every material I use.

Speaking of reusable, I also give back to the community by volunteering at Boomerang Bags Barrie where I am one of the founding members and sewing coordinator. Please message for more info about this worldwide non-profit project.

Please send a message if you have any questions. I love custom orders specially the ones that carry a positive message.

Pronouns: She/Her

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